Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Featuring Soup and Featured Pumpkin

Dinner last night

I was going to take a picture of what the soup REALLY looks like when made by your average blogger, but...

a.  It really did look like the above picture (amazing)
b. We (Me, Joel, Kaely the vegetarian, and Addie, Ms. Picky) ate every last bite

I did Vegetarianize the recipe for Kaely by using No-Chicken Broth by Imagine (veggie broth would probably work too) and not adding the bacon to soup pot.  We added our bacon to our bowl individually (very popular!).

Easy, delicious and GREAT on a cold night!


My Unstuffed Pumpkins were featured on Creations by Kara.  Yeah & thanks, Kara!
Creations by Kara

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