Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Unstuffed Pumpkin

I really like the soft look of the stuffed fabric pumpkins I've been seeing all over blogland lately and they look pretty easy.

They could be even easier, though~You could unstuff them and just skip the polyfill and handsewing altogether!
Unstuffed Pumpkins

Dollar Tree styrofoam pumpkin
Fabric to wrap pumpkin (I used poly velvet & paint cloth linen)
Satin Pins
Glue gun
Exacto Knife
Spare silk leaves
Leather scraps

1.Cut the little nubin of a stem off the pumpkin with an exacto knife and put aside for later.

2. Cut a rough circle of fabric to wrap around pumpkin. Each side should be wide enough to reach the stem hole.

3. Hand pleat fabric and pull towards the stem hole.  Pin fabric in place as you pleat and pull, keeping pins near the rim of the stem hole.

4.  Finish by wrapping Styrofoam stem in brown fabric (or you could use a dried stem from an old pumpkin) using the pleat and pin method.  Hot gluing it into the gaping hole.

Embellish with silk leaves (they don't have to be pumpkin leaves) and curlicues of leather (raffia would work well too)

I made leather curlicues by wetting 1/2 thick leather strips and then wrapping them around a dowel and letting them dry,

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  1. Awesome!! Love the velvet ones!!
    Thanks for sharing at Show & Share!

  2. This idea is genius! I love that velvet fabric you used; they are so pretty! I am featuring them today at Creations by Kara. :)


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