Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I'm on a roll...or a clutch (hee hee)

I'm pumpin' out the to-do list projects!

I finished a crochet CLUTCH to replace my crochet ROLL today

I used the Crochet Hook Case free pattern and tutorial by Mad Quilter


Pattern changes I'd recommend:

One: Read all of the instructions first.  A couple of times she adds things to have done in an earlier step.

Strap just doesn't seem functional to me in it's current placement
(I did double-check to make sure I did it right)

Cut top flat to be the same width as bottom pocket and sew in.

I added a crochet flower to the end of my flap to tack it down and...
to provide a holder for my tapestry needles. 

Illustrated Version of my changes...

Other than those few things the pattern and tutorial were great. 

The clutch is easy to sew, it folds up perfectly, the size is PERFECT for metal hooks (as Mad Quilter suggests, be sure to use 6mm seam allowance) and it's quite cute and handy.

This would make a terrific gift for any crocheter friends.  We always need something to stow our spare hooks in!


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  1. so pretty! I love the cherry print you picked and your crochet flower embellishment!


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