Monday, May 9, 2011

I want to sew...

After sewing my mom's purse (even with the butt-ugly fabric) I have an itch to get back to my sewing machine!

There are some totally awesome, completely free and user-friendly tutorials out in blogland. 

The short list of what I have my eye on...

The tutorial is for a 5T, but easy directions are included for sizing up to adult. 
One for Addie for sure and I think Kaely might like one as a tunic.

FINISHED 5/11...AWESOME gift for kids!  Do IT! Pics Here

Addie's going to 5th grade camp soon.  Perfect.
One for Michael too...just because.

Removeable pouches (you can find them at the Dollar store too).  This would be great for taking supplies for multi-crafts on a trip.

 Finished 6/11!  Great pattern, but I recommend a few changes here

I really like the way this folds up into a pouch!

In raspberry pink for Kaely's room. 

I'm off to ride the sewing-madness wave!  I'll show you pics of my successes (being an optimist is a good thing) as I go. 

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