Wednesday, May 11, 2011

One Down!

Fun, Fun, Fun.  They are very easy to do, Lemon Squeezy Home's tutorial is easy-to-follow, and the kids love them.
Addie's all ready for 5th grade camp and Michael's set to see his Grandma & Grampa this weekend.

Little Sewing Note:  Addie's zips on the side because mom screwed up likes to be different.  If you'd like to be different too, just sew the zipper to the 18" end instead of the 21" (opposite of the tutorial).

My models were bored by this time, so not such a great photo of the backs, but they are there.

AND they work!

Turns out big sissies do like sleepover pillowcases and aren't too old for such things, so a third, 17-year old version is on its way.

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