Saturday, January 22, 2011

Camera charger + genealogy scrapbook + notebook + rooster

Camera charger made it here and now I can share my lovely little projects with you!
This week may end up looking like I created something every single day, but that probably won't be the case.  The projects will be from last week when I could show them off because I was camera-less.

Remember ancestry addiction that I'm currently working through and that box that my mom shoved all precious family documents and stories into?
Well, I decided to remedy that situation by making something akin to a Genealogy Scrapbook with one of these...

An old binder I got at the thrift store...shown is the inside.

Above is the once boring outside.

And here's my personalized, embellished, kluckingbear-a-fied remake!
I'm really happy with it. 

The tree graphic is from Graphics Fairy...I printed it onto freezer paper backed linen and then zig-zagged it onto the background fabric. 

I used velvet ribbon, a doily, a vintage button, some trimmies, and some upholstery fabric I had on hand too.

No genealogy specialist would be complete without her own matching notebook for details she finds along the road while searching
Gotta love that shine off the solid silver (or maybe it's my camera skills)

In other news...Anyone need a rooster?

Zeus.  Zeus was a girl, then he became a rooster.  He was nice, then he beat up our other banty rooster named Pie-Head and started picking on all the hens.  Bad Zeus.  Zeus needs a new home

Life on the farm...

I'll be linking this project to:

Show& Tell at Blue Cricket Design

The Graphics Fairy


  1. wow! The covers look amazing! I love how you decorated them! Great job. Good luck with your genealogy! girl chickens usually become roosters? Is that how it works? (Obviously, I'm not a farm/chicken person!) I'm really curious now...

  2. Great new cover. on the other hand, I love the heart on the matching notebook. :)


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