Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Family Tree Obsessed

For Christmas I made Family Trees ala Sutton Grace for my husband's family.

Pardon the photography...wanting a better camera for Bday in March (hint, hint)

Joel's mom passed away last year and they didn't know much about her family background other than her parents' names, so I thought doing a little research would be a nice way to remember her.

I used and it was great.  It does cost about $15 a month to use, but I was able to find several generations of family with factual information like censuses, birth records, and death certificates.  I highly recommend using the site if you'd want to find out more family info and have exhausted all family resources.

WARNING:  Ancestry research is highly addicting!  I have to limit my time or I forget to feed myself and brush my teeth.

Joel's family I'm want to do mine!

My mom has a lot of background info, but it's all CRAMMED in this box!

So, I've been spending A LOT of my free time sorting and looking up really, really cool family info, but I have done a little necessary crafting.

I'm making an album to hold all my family info, of course!

I found a couple of old file/data holder things at the thrift store for only a $1 each and they're capable of holding a ton of stuff, they're just ugly, so they need to be prettied up a bit.

Just posing different elements, but I'll get to sewing, mod podging, etc. soon.  Then my precious family info can be safely nestled in archival, acid-free paper...uncrammed and unfolded.

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