Monday, January 24, 2011

Good Morning!

Nice hot cup of coffee, ANOTHER Martha cowl (custom order for Alyssa), two fresh eggs and my new book.

Sew Serendipity by Kay Whitt

New to me anyway...apparently its on its 2nd printing.  I can see why, though.  Cute, cute patterns!

I just love this dress!  Kaely's already picked out several coats, skirts, dresses and tunics that she would like sewn.  I think I'll treat myself to one first.

Zeus found a home.  We put him on Craig's List Saturday night and he had offers on Sunday morning.  Wow.  He now lives on 10 acres with some aracauna hens that the owner hopes to will breed with Zeus.  Shouldn't be a problem from what our hens experienced!

Pie-Head now feels like a stud-rooster again. 

 He's a little banty who can only see out of one eye.  We saved him from my sister-in-law's coop where he was being beat up by the other roosters.  Our hens love him because he's harmless, but Zeus found him to be a threat and bloodied him up one night.  He's better now and the king of his own flock again.

Belle doesn't care whether Zeus is gone or not.  She has a tummy-ache from crunchy up a mouse, bone and all, yesterday. Yuck.  That dog...gotta love her.

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  1. Ooo . . . I love that dress too! I stay away from sewing clothes for myself . . . you know, so I can go out in public without wearing a paperbag over my head, but that dress is a definite fav.

    Thanks for putting the blog spa button up!


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