Wednesday, January 26, 2011

This is just how it was today...

I finally completed an Iron Craft ChallengeNumber 44...Cup Cozy.

I did it in one day, but I was determined to pump something out and put my picture in that flickr pool, Gol' Dangit'!

Yep.  Zebra stripe fun fur.

Yep, yep.  Red polka dot lining.

WITH matching mug mat. 

I tried doing something more sophisticated, but nothing made me happy.  Then I spotted some zebra fun fur, which naturally fitted with the red polka dots, and I was happy.

It's dreary, foggy, no sun weather around here and I just needed some jungle polka dot action. Gotta go with what works sometimes. 

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 Iron Craft #44!!!!  Big Surprise, huh?!

Everything but the Kitchen Sink at A Little Knick Knack

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