Thursday, December 16, 2010

I'm a Sucker For Kid Art!

Why?  Because kid art is the best art!

I found this in my craft room this morning. 
It's by my nephew, Michael.  Santa Godzilla.  Love it!

Nana's Christmas Card by Michael.
I smile every time I read the transplant and mirror image notes on the inside of the card!

I'm very lucky and I find wonderful little art offerings like this in my room quite often. 
 I think the best way to get your kids creating is to just provide supplies-- free-of-charge, free of adult guidance (safe, of course), and free to use THEIR imagination.

I do end up having to clean up a lot of glue, glitter, clay, name it, but it's worth it!


  1. Dear Thabita, thank you for enetring my giveaway. I'm happy to let you know, that you are my winner, so please send me your address.
    Best wishes, Anja

    P.S. I love kids art too. i have four boxes full and my oldest is only 5.

  2. I love kid art and have some of Granddaughters. I have been thinking of making irons of it and putting it on T-shirts.


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