Thursday, November 11, 2010

Marie Claire Idees Two

Some more from this month's Marie Claire Idees!

Moving on to the more colorful portion...

I don't decorate in red and torquoise myself, but I still like the combo and I LOVE the wrapping idea!

Babushkas!  Love the colors, want to stay in this cozy little cabin!

She has to be wearing blush. 

You can buy the rights to print these babushkas at Marie Claire Idees (English via Google Translate).  Just look for "Recent Posts" on the left side and click on "Explanations of Babushkas...". could just find some free matryoshka clip art and make these advent bags yourself.

Another Advent calendar kit you can purchase.  I'm thinking it's recovered matchbooks.

Clip art ideas...check on the left side under "Recent Posts" and click on "Explanation of Christmas Decorations Made with Paper..." at Marie Claire Idees for the FREE clip art.

More kits to purchase.  If I were you and I wanted to make the little babushkas, I'd just print free matroyshka clip art images onto fabric and stuff them myself, but that's just thrifty ol' me.

Not EVERYTHING in Mare Clairee Idees is wonderful (to me, anyway)
This does not look good.  Doesn't even look cooked.  I'm fine with the fact that this is written in French and I can't read the recipe.

I'll eat this yogurt, though.  Yummmm...

And I want to be the cartoon lady wearing the cheese hat. 

It's Holly Golightly in Switzerland eating cheese.  Totally.

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  1. Those are all such fun ideas!!!

    Thanks for putting all of my week of giveaways on your sidebar!



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