Friday, November 12, 2010

Last, But Not Least, Marie Claire Idees' Love

The snowy French (maybe Swiss?) Winter Section:

Even with their cozies there's no way these plants are going to make it out here, but they sure are cute!

Don't forget to wrap the porch chandelier in yarn.  As silly as it seems, I like the look.

Love the chairs and the snowman.  There's a knitting pattern for the birdhouse and the chairs, but methinks  there might be an easier (lazier) way.

We now move on to the musical portion of our entertainment...

The embroidery pattern for the pillow is could print sheet music onto fabric directly or with a transfer.    I love the table runner idea!

The GIANT sheet music wallpaper.  I like it, but I can't say I'd do it. The spray painted branch with the ornaments...that I can do.

Goodbye for this month Marie Claire Idees'. 

Next week I'll be back with projects I've been working on!

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