Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Color and Paint Berserker


An art journaling mess of acrylic paint blend and stamps.
Messy, messy, messy, and Oh, so much fun!

I created this journal page for the GPP Street Team Crusade #55 -- "Disappearing Act"

#55 is my first one.

I started by creating a blended background with acrylic paint
I started with a purple and a red.
Sprayed some water on top before dry and blotted off excess paint
Created a grid using a dry paint brush with just a bit of bright purple paint.
Painted over a couple of the grid squares with pure color.

Then I used those same paint colors to paint a couple of stamps I had  and stamped in the grids.

Wanna see a close up?
Do you see the hidden "55" in there (that's the Crusade #) -tricky, tricky :)

I just love it.  Doing it and the result. 
Mega messy smiles here.

I got so excited while working that I mistook my ultra clean (LOL) wash water

With my snack.
At least the acrylic is non-toxic?

Now to clean-up my berserker...
I really was frantic with creative energy :)

BTW...My Crusade Journal cost me all of 25 cents.

I'll tell you all about it tomorrow!


  1. I laughed when I saw the second photo re getting the water mixed up! And hey, welcome to the Crusades, it's nice to meet you. Yes, I wanted to see the close up - thanks nfor that. The colours look great and I think the pages turned up really well.

  2. Tabitha, thank you for coming to play with us! I love that you showed your background, then the stamping, and the workspace mishap :) I love the repetition of the circles in the grid, and of course the clever "55". I appreciate being able to click on the photos for a detailed view. Nicely done! Sounds like you had a gas. Thanks for sharing with the team - welcome!

  3. Great pages. Love the way you showed how you made them.

  4. Looks like you had a lot of fun! Patsy from

  5. I'm so relieved I'm not the only person who has painted my snack! I love the grid work you did--it adds a formal look to a very fascinating combination of color and design.

  6. Great layout! Thanks for sharing the steps involved!

  7. Loved your colors... bright and fun... the grid added great interest!

  8. YOWZA - I love what you did with this! your grid background by itself is wonderful, and of course the disappearing stamps make it even more amazing. I know one of these days my paint brush is going to end up in my wine glass by mistake and I will be soooo sad.


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