Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Couldn't Decide

So I went with both.
To make this cover used a Strathmore Art Journal. 
First I pried the spiral apart and removed the cover page and then went to work.
After I finished the cover, I wasn't sure I like the colors so I decided to work on the back page (I'd use it for the cover and replace the back).
After a couple of days I like both, so, hey, I loaded up both.

And, yes, I did load one upside down and that wasn't done on purpose, but it ended up working for me.  This was definitely a feeling led journal cover.
 The technique I used to do the cover is one I learned from a Rae Missigmen class.
I don't want to give away her secrets, but I will tell you that it involves a lot of gesso, layers, paint and ink.
My own take on Rae's technique is to use paper doilies for my layers.
I really like the slight relief they give that you can enhance with color rub.
Finishes also include some paint splatter, gesso stencilling with a homemade circle stencil, stamping, lace,
hand drawn swirlies,
and this wonderful quote from Kipling's The Conundrum of the Workshop,
'The Devil whispered behind the leaves,
"It's pretty, but is it Art?"

I've been pondering this quite a bit.
I love art, I love to create, it is pretty, but...

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  1. They are both fabulous! Good luck with new studies. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. Nicola x


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