Wednesday, September 25, 2013

ART 170

 I'm back in school.
I'm 45 years old, I have 3 grown kids, 14 years ago I got a BS in Nutrition and now I'm back for Art Education Certification.

I'll always be my family's personal nutritionist and forever interested in the world of food and dietetics, but art has been calling to me for years and it was time to answer.

Today was Design Basics.
My instructor, Seth, is younger than my daughter, but he seems really cool.
He's into ceramics and I'm not, but I'll work through it.

The book...
I usually HATE (really despise!) textbooks, but this one is filled with pictures of art and I'm actually a little excited about the info. 
Who wouldn't want to know more about design?!

The assignment...
Fill in the middle of this Escher fragment.
I have 4 days to do it.
There's some reading to do too, but I'm thinking the whole 10 pages won't be that time consuming.

Tomorrow is Photography and Metal Smithing.
I'm excited!
For the first time in a long time I'm excited about what lies ahead (and it has nothing to do with my kids)!

Art, I heard you calling and I'm here!

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