Thursday, September 26, 2013

Artin' It

Continuing with my art education classes today.
Photography 101 this morning...there's a slim chance I could end up being a better photographer!
I have to get myself a film camera, but I have to imagine that alot of the basic principles will be the same.

This afternoon I have Metalsmithing which is a jewelry class.  
I have no idea what to expect--everyone might be getting jewelry for Christmas this year!

Last weekend we went to Seaside, OR.
Mixed, autumn weather for the weekend.  We spent time out on the beach during the sunny patches--me beach combing, Addie digging and splashing, and Joel napping.
Rainy patches were spent with my watercolors and finds from the sand
working on some ICADs using the 61 Paper Prompts from Daisy Yellow--
(she's having a zine giveaway you should check-out here)

Prompt: Paint a rainbow
3 x 5 watercolor card, watercolor w/lots of water loaded, sections and bleeding defined with a sharpie extra fine.
Prompt: Windows (very obstructed view from our condo)
3 x 5 watercolor paper, sharpie extra fine, lt. watercolor wash w/ Koi travel set for background

Prompt: dripping
3 x 5 watercolor paper, watercolor drips w/ Koi travel set (hard to do),  Journalling with sharpie extra fine

 Prompt: Mapping
Map from condo info glued to index card, watercolor and sharpie.

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