Friday, September 27, 2013

Primate Poo

Keep'll make sense.

This is me doing polite color,
leaving lots of space, doing a little journalling about going back to school.

This is me going ape shit on a page that started out with the same background as the page above.
What isn't happening in this?
Won't be using this as an example in my design class for anything!

As a sign of personal growth, though
It's amazing.

I've been trying to challenge myself to add more and not be afraid to go berserker on a page
Did that!

I think I was channeling a little Jodi Ohl here--I just did an online workshop of hers.   I don't want to imply that she's as crazy as this, but I believe some of the techniques are hers.

What's fun is that while it's a mess on its own, bit and pieces of it might be very useful for other pages that need some oomph.

Growth is good and sometimes that means going ape shit.

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