Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Food Color Fun

Addie and I experimented with food color painting for ICAD last week.
Cheap-o, grocery store food coloring drops.
Neon colors gave us the best results.
Prompt: Peace
I like to call this one "Peace, Dude"
I sprayed the index card with water first and then added swaths of food coloring with a paintbrush.
The peace sign was painted on after the card had dried a bit.
I love the way all the colors mix!
"Mercedes, Dude"
I have a tendency to forget about that middle stripe...Addie reminded me.
Prompt: Logos
This was made by pressing a damp, blank card to another painted card
Prompt: grocery list
No prompt, just scraps from this week's fun glued onto a food color background.

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