Thursday, June 6, 2013

Wouldn't it be GREAT!?

I'm participating in Daisy Yellow's
At first I thought it was for the whole year and knew I simply wasn't capable, but 61 days I can do.
And Daisy Yellow is pretty dang cool about being relaxed and having fun.
Follow the prompts, or not.
Follow the themes, or not.
Do all the days, or not.
Start on time, or not.
It's those "or nots" that make art fun
So, without further ado...
 My first ICAD 2013!
I went with the daily prompt of wallpaper.
First thing that came into my head was butterflies.

Wouldn't it be totally cool if walls were made of butterflies?!

BTW, this was also bucket list butt-kicker numero #7!
I used butterfly graphics from the graphics fairy--(thank you!)
Printed them onto cardstock and them cut them all out.
I then prepped the background with butterfly-like watercolors.
Folded the wings of the butterflies on the dotted line, added hot glue to the middle,
And then randomly glued them to the index card.
It took 4 sheets of butterflies to cover my 3 x 5 index card!
I added Stickles sparkle glitter to the butterflies to bring out the color.
Do this BEFORE gluing to the background--it's easier.
I know from experience!

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