Friday, June 7, 2013

ICAD 2013 Week One

My offerings for week one:
I decided to go with the prompts and see where they led me.
Prompt: Zebra
watercolor & ultrafine Sharpie

I went for a zebra-ish, Dr. Seuss inspired card.

Prompt: Candyland
Inktense Pencils (not very intense on index card paper), watercolor, stickles & Sharpie ultrafine
It's always interesting where prompts can lead you.
My husband's dad is nearing the end of his life right now and it's difficult for everyone.  For me, knowing how I can best help has been the hardest part.  I started to draw pretty little game squares and then, all of the sudden-like, I was getting mad and drawing paths everywhere with spinnies to nowhere.  Good to let the feelings out!
Prompt: Faux Stitching
Micron Markers in black, pink and purple, fabric
I love this one.  I like my little doodles and the itty bitty fabric swatches.
Prompt: Reuse, Repurpose
Watercolor, fruit stickers, white gelly pen & micron pen
I grabbed a mango and the little sticker looked like a continent and there I went...
Prompt: Wallpaper
Butterfly graphics from graphic fairy, stickles, hot glue
I jabbered all about the butterfly wallpaper yesterday :)
Not bad for the first week, eh?!!!!


  1. Awesome cards! really love the z for zebra!

  2. I am thrilled to have found your blog via ICAD and can't wait to see what you create throughout the challenge... these are all so different and varied... will be exciting to watch... and you are doing SOC as well so I get to see you there as well...xx

  3. very cool. Planet Sticker is interesting :)

  4. LOVE the cards. The butterflies are stunning. All of them are stunning. Very inspiring. :)


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