Tuesday, June 4, 2013

My Totally Mod Fleet

Airplanes, that its. 
Styrofoam covered with scrapbook paper and NUMBER 4 on the BUCKET LIST!
 I started with a super duper cheap-o airplane from Oriental Trading Co.
They're left-over prizes from a swim meet that I just couldn't toss.
I adhered the paper with tacky glue, but then found that double-sided tape works just as well and is WAY less messy!

Meet the new kluckingbear fleet:
Our premier ship, The Oriental Rose
The Mauve Maiden
 The Blue Poppy

 What does this fleet do?
They flew itty bitty birthday banners!
Just design your banner out of lightweight cardstock
Tape a piece of craft wire to the back to make your paper wave (easy to bend and stays that way)
 Attach your banner with some more craft wire by gluing the wire into the Styrofoam
 And have fun because these are fun make and fun to fly!
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