Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Mandalas in the rain and an iPhone

drumroll please....
It's rainy and my camera wasn't working (gotta check those batteries), so these iPhone pics aren't great, but they'll do for the bucket list :)
These are the books from the bookshelf ...
Lots of Mandalas inside...
These didn't appear to be like the home-drawn mandalas I've seen.

Some were definitely more doable than others.

I decided to start with a Tibetan open lotus design.
It's fairly simple, I like the design and it's easily traced.
Tracing was the only chance at success, so I got out my Saral tracing paper, watercolor paper, tape and a sharp pencil.
I traced.
I then went over the tracing marks with a Sharpie, followed by a good erasing.
Did you know that Saral marks erase?

Watercolor time :)
I forgot how much fun coloring in a pre-made design is!
This one is a Celtic Bird--there was no explanation with it, so I know no more than that.
(color choice by Addie who started tracing from the book too)
Then I went rogue and traced a Tibetan design onto some watercolor paper that I had previously sprayed with distress inks.
I traced in a lighter colored Saral (still erased) and then went over that with white chalk paint.
This was fun!
If you're having trouble getting motivated, can't think of what to draw, but want to go play with your supplies, then try coloring a mandala. 
Have fun with the process.
Now here's a strange, Dr. Who-like, coincidence. The day I finished these mandalas,
Don't Eat the Paste posted some great mandala designs that are free to print!
They are really cool.
Probably going to add one of them to my next bucket list.
Thank you to Don't Eat the Paste!
Wanna see something scary now?
My art room.
 How does this happen?!  It was clean only a day ago.

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