Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Butt-Kicker #18 has been kicked!

Let me explain...
I keep seeing and thinking of art techniques and little projects I'd like to do, but I don't do them.  I gather supplies, I pin, I lay them out, but nothing happens.  So I've filled a 45 oz. bucket with these ideas and I'm going to empty that bucket by doing them.  You can see the bucket list by clicking on the tab at the top.  I'll post and link each time I finish (successfully, or not--it's about the process).
When it's empty, I'll refill it.
So here's #18--Block O' Wood Birdhouse
Got out my tools, my rusty findings from the airport, my junk box, glue, and a block o' wood and went to work making my usual mess. 

The only problem I ran into was the roof.  I had a block of wood, but no triangle, so I had to have my dad cut one from his scraps for me. 
He kept trying to point me to one of his nice scraps and for measurements, but I insisted that it should be old wood and that it had to be random. 
Hot glue, gorilla glue, and nails were used to adhere items.
I just LOVE it!
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