Monday, March 25, 2013

Sea Monkey Whimsy

Watercoloring away!
Sea Monkey Portrait for Alisa Burke's Whimsy and Wonder Online Class.
Ya, ya, ya...I know I spelled Sea Monkeys wrong, but it's about the picture not spelling :)

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  1. This is so beautiful Tabitha ! Thanks for sharing , I am looking everywhere for your e-mail and jumping up and down with excitement at the same time (which doesn't help !)
    Nope! cant find it so Im just going to have to do my thanking here!!

    Tabitha thank you so so so much for your truly beautiful parcel which arrived today ! I think its possibly the nicest gift I have ever received ..... LIKE EVER !!!! I am working on making my spare bedroom into a bigger & better sewing room & the hoop will have pride of place !! I really, really LOVE it & the BOOK!!! Wow!! you really went to a lot of trouble to send me a gift that I truly adore ! Thank you ! Thank you!! & maybe someday you'll get over here to create an Irish travel journal ?? Please do stay in touch & I am so delighted to have 'met' you ! Thank you
    Siubhan x x x x


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