Tuesday, December 11, 2012

December Daily Peek

I'm happy to report that so far December has been taking place in hyper speed.
I wish it didn't go by sooo fast, but that means my family is happy and busy, which makes me quite happy.
So here's that peek at my December Daily:
First off...A KIT!
Turns out the kit idea wasn't too organized for me.
In fact, it has helped me organize.
I've found that I don't have time to work on the journal everyday.
But I do have time to jot down a few quick notes on the little journaling cards, free by Creativity Prompt...and they match my journal (kinda...close enough).
My Cover:
I used two pieces of a chipboard album pack that I bought at Michaels for $1.
Firstly, I covered the chipboard with white acrylic paint, threw some mica snow flakes on before it dried, and then I used watercolors in aqua and magenta to add color.
Then I glued on a snowflake, sewed some scraps of paper on...just cuz'.
 I absolutely LOVE my accidental pages!
After giving each watercolor paper page a light aqua watercolor wash and a splash of magenta, I brushed over a plastic snowflake to get a fabulous snowflake "shadow".
The numbers and letters are cut from an iridescent Dollar Store gift bag with my Silhouette.
I add pictures and other odds and ends when I have the time.
The pictures are just printed onto watercolor paper and edged with glitter or from my Instamax.
I even threw in the Taco Del Mar kids menu from the 2nd.
I added some snow flakes and stickles glitter to "snow" it up a bit.

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