Wednesday, December 5, 2012

When I Make Paper Cakes (and a necessary shooting)

I sent Cake too!
These little cake boxes were SOOO frustrating for me!
I am happy with the results, but my goodness, was this a project!
Altering with paper is not a natural for me.
I'm not trying to be really was hard.
I spent hours upon agonizing hours creating these.
I created a snowy top with Styrofoam that I cut down to fit the top of the box, glued and then carved
 ...Shoot me now!
To hide my carving, patching scars, I covered the snow layer with mica snow glitter.
Keep in mind that each of these steps requires a FULL drying.
Really! The Styrofoam will just fall off if you don't wait for the glue to FULLY dry.
...If you didn't shoot me before, shoot me now for sure!
The houses are 1 inch tall.
and embellished with little pearls and mica.
...make sure that bullet went in my body
I created my own little teeny poinsettias by cutting up larger flowers and remaking.
Teeny, weeny trees are embellished with micro beads adhered with glue and a toothpick.
...let the wound fester. 
I then backed the houses and snowflake half with a HAND CUT and SCORED rosette (really would like a Tim Holz die!).
OH! Don't forget to glue a sequin on to the rosette :)
...Okay, you can resuscitate me now, but dont' let me get into this situation ever again!
This shooting reported & linked to:


  1. wow your cake slices are just fabulous ... beautiful hugs wendy

  2. Oh Tabitha, the end result is so worth the effort, I saw Marti's cake from you and it is darling in person!! How did you make that teeny tiny house? Merry Christmas, Lorraine


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