Monday, November 26, 2012

Three Years Late To The Party....

I shall party with the best of 'em.

Ali Edwards'
December Daily 2012

You can stop laughing at my expense now.
Yes, I am the LAST person to discover this, but doesn't it look FUN?!!

There's a flickr group for tons of ideas, Ali Edwards has a workshop if you want to make one just like hers, or you can just Google "December Daily" (I use images) and see even more ideas.

Tons and tons of free printables too.
Here's some I found:

Labels from Creativity Prompt
December Pages from Pretty Little Studio
And I must thank Claire from Handmade in the UK.
for my invitation to party.
She didn't know she was inviting me, but that's how I found out about this whole December Daily Journaling Party Thing.
For even more ideas:
 Claire is deciding on a what to do this year and has been featuring
December Daily Journals by other bloggers.
She also has a FABULOUS blog!

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