Thursday, November 29, 2012

Need Based Supply Purchasing

I live in a small town with no craft stores.
When I desperately need supplies I check out the thrift stores and The Dollar Tree.
This requires creative thinking!
Vintage looking, thin glitter garland that seems to be the rage right now?
Buy an ugly ornament--there are several different ugly styles
Unwind it! 
Over 76" of garland on there and it comes in gold, silver, green AND red!
Can't find small flowers?
Big ol' sparklies can be easily cut down.
Need shiny paper for snowflakes?
Iridescent gift bags!
They may be hard to photograph, but they're great for crafting.
The paper is fairly thick and sturdy AND you get a a free silver ribbon.
You might also find some things that you just have to have..
Set of 5 in gold, silver, red, or green
Reindeer, "Merry Christmas", angels,  and birds.
Don't have a specific use in mind for them, YET, but they were only a dollar!

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  1. Creative! And why wouldn't we want to be creatively budget conscious even with other choices? You got quite a haul!


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