Wednesday, November 28, 2012

December Daily Decisions & Fodder

I've narrowed down a few things I'd like my December Daily to be, which is good because I only have 3 left to make the journal.
Number One: Removable Pages
Rings or a binder of some sort
Number Two: Clean & Simple
Something I can mess up and stuff as I go

Number Three: Daily Picture
 Just a little text.
Number Four: Fodder Holding
Love this new term for crap, junk you find, stuff at the bottom of your purse, that business card you HAD to keep, fruit stickers that you HAD to keep, etc.
For some very odd reason I love this layout from the Aerie flier I got in the mail yesterday.
Maybe it's because it's so ridiculous that I have to love it.
Dunno, but I feel the need to have it in my December Daily.
Bras and bubbies are the best way to remember any holiday.
The Trader Joe's Gum Pack
It's gotta go in there, right?!
Trader Joe's packages are an awesome source for journal crap fodder.
That black and white Private Eye is getting cut out and going somewhere!
Probably not December Daily fodder, but a definite save.
I keep saving the Via packages.
You get 8 of these 4 1/2" x 3 1/16" little pockets in a Costco box!
They're perfect for SOMETHING!
I'll bet the Christmas Blend Packages would be perfect-o for the December Daily-O!

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