Friday, October 12, 2012

Welcome to Tabitha's

Word has it that there's a little house party going on this weekend.
I only had to disembowel a few animals to get an invitation from that Witch at Howling Creek.
It is a Bewitching Party afterall.
Who wouldn't want little Tabitha there?!

You saw me twinkle my nose when I was just a little blonde haired girl.
Oh, how cute and funny I could be!
My mom, Samantha and Dad, Darrin knew I'd grow up to be such a good little witch.
Grandmama Endora knew better!
 Welcome to my home.
Did you expect something mortally Martha Stewart at the door?
Meet my lovely children..
 Addie--she's growing so fast.

My Kaely.
You know teenage girls...they can never decide how to trim their facial hair!

Alyssa-Oh, how she does like to rest up between swim meets.

Great Grandpapa Thirteen Times Removed
I do wish he hadn't gotten trapped in that 2nd dimension.

Last, but not least, our dear birds, Smidge and Smudge.
I see they've caught their own meal tonight!

We're all getting ready for dinner.
Formal attire required.

On the menu tonight...
Of course I serve dessert first.  Better to rot the teeth and encourage the fleas!

Let me share a tip from my Aunt Helgetha,
 (We keep her grave handy, so we can easily go to her for hints)
Always season your food with a dash of blood & a sprinkle of graveyard dust. 
The eyes yield the most boldest flavor.

After dinner, I'll put my own little witches to bed.
They have their own, hand-made by mommy coffins to lay down their weary heads.

With plenty of reading to help them have sweet dreams.

Once they're sound asleep with visions of guts and gore in their heads I'll cast a growing spell on my little witches closet
And  then I'll see to my husband.  He's usually such a good cook.
Tonight just wasn't his night.
 Goodnight my pretties!
See you in a week ~ I have a date to haunt Washington D.C.!


  1. I love the little witches closet. Stop by for a visit.

  2. Your coffins with the news print our awesome! Loved your post!

  3. Loved this post! Giggled all the way through! The coffins were too cute, and the "Kill the cook" set was too good!

  4. Everything looks so fun. I'd like to increase my closet space too! Great decorations...

    The Year of the Cats

  5. Adorable. I love all of your little caskets. Too cute.

  6. Thanks for the inspiration! Love Smidge and Smudge, and all your other little trinkets :)


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