Thursday, October 11, 2012


We're headed for a week in DC Saturday!
It'sthe  second time for me and Joel.  Addie's first :).
We didn't even come close to covering the town last time we were there--so much to see and show Addie.
Very excited!
I'll take lots of pictures!
And I'll journal.
In order to do that I  need a journal, so I started by folding and sewing signatures out of fun, busy papers...
 But then I discovered that busy, fun journals are like curtains to me.
I love the IDEA of them, but can't have them in my house.
I like plain.
Enter one plain moleskin journal, covered with a more subdued, government-worthy paper and stickers I got in a sale bin for 25 cents and periwinkle polka-dot washi tape (blue for democrat with a periwinkle twist for liberal)*
 Don't worry, I'll messy it up by the time I'm done.
 This one started out with nothing but text and a hula girl on the front.
 I had stuff glued in before I even got off the plane!
Really, though...would you have snacks labeled "Oh NO!" on a plane?

And that spoon from Yogurtland that's sticking out? 
Hello Kitty special edition, my friend!

*Note on the liberal dem tape...if you're not one that's fine. I live in a very conservative town that I still love and have MANY friends who are conservative Republicans.  Turns out we all just want the best for our kids and we're nice people--that's a better thing to go on than political/social leanings!

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