Wednesday, October 24, 2012

It's Time

Have you ever taken a project to far?
Started with a nice tutorial and seen even more that you could do and then tried it?
And even though you know it's not necessary to go sooo overboard, you continue the insanity?
I do all the time.
I participated in Artfully Musing FABULOUS Apothecary Tutorial.
Had I followed it, I probably wouldn't have ended up with a mega apothecary that was MY doom!
Couldn't do little boxes.
Nope...had to do a wooden chest with drawers.
I'll tell you all about the chest later this week when I more emotionally stable :)
Right now, the potions of my doom.
So this started out as a little plastic test tube kit.
I painted some black on the holder, added some labels.
Addie added gooks of different kinds.
One concoction even melted the plastic.  Note to self: Watch child with chemicals more closely.
Then added some funky lids.
Graveyard Dust.
Actually it's dirt from Salt Lake.
Bobotuber Pus.
Embalming Fluid.
I used alcohol inks to paint the bottle red & gold.
Luna Moth Eggs.
Draught of The Living Dead & Mystery Solution
Moon Dust (glitter)~Oh, how sweet
Frothy Spider Saliva (broken down Styrofoam)
Bat Wings
Last but not least, Toe of Frog. 
Found the jar at Goodwill and added plastic eyeballs.
Tomorrow I'll show you a few of my balms and the surgical kit.
Sharing is helping already.
I thank you.


  1. Your bottles are so cool! I love the Luna Moth eggs. How did you create those? While I was making my apothecary I had several starts and stops till I got where I wanted to go. My fits and starts left me with enough pieces that I am now creating a Curio's Cabinet, featuring birds, insects, sea life and such. being able to add a moth eggs bottle would be perfect.
    After I began my goblin I noticed M hadn't included what to use for their horns. I had some shell shard beads. I sorted through them and found two that would make good horns. Can't wait to see how your Goblin turns out!:)

  2. So I am a little late commenting.
    I love your test tube apothecary!


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