Sunday, April 29, 2012

Class Time

--Okey Doke--
My photos are even WORSE now that I have a better camera!
Turns out the photographer actually needs to know what she's doing (who knew).
I'm starting  Aimee's :: FREE:: online photography tutorial/class at It's Overflowing

It's Overflowing
Aimee got a new DSLR camera and didn't quite know what to do with it either, so she and her husband (a camera buff) put together some great tutorials.

I recommend checking out Aimee's blog with all her great tutorials like this:

Image via It's Overflowing

She aksi has a Sunday Linky Party and who doesn't like a linky?!
It's OVerflowing
Speaking of linkies....
Linda at It All Started With Paint , who referred me to Aimee's tute just had a Pillowpalooza Party!

Thank you Linda!
I didn't Linda's Monogrammed pillow contest, but I'll let that pass (it was a really cute pillow).

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