Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Ripplin' Loot

My clever little post title will make sense by the end--at least that's my intention  :)
Let's start off with the song stuck in my head...

"Wipe Out" because it goes with the ripples on the Ripple Blanket I've started for Kaely
Or because I'm using my Hawaii mug for coffee this morning.
  Either way it's a good sunny day song.

I realize it's only row one of the ripples, but they're working out fantastically thanks to an awesome little instructional, "Neat Ripples", from Lucy at Attic 24.

I think even a beginner could successfully do a ripple without tearing their hair out if they follow Lucy's tutorial.  Thank You, Lucy!!! 

Now for the LOOT (told ya' we'd get there)
I won this personalized stamp!  The little piggie is a sweet little extra that came with it (love it).

The stamp was made by My Rubber Stamp.  It was really hard choosing which style of stamp to pick, there are many different themes and designs, but I really liked the dandelion on this stamp. 
Thank you!
Halloween Loot
Halloween themed coasters just in time for the big day--
I won these at For Mammas

The tile coasters are from House of Bremma at etsy. 
I chose a Halloween theme for my loot--Chrissy has a lot of different themes to choose from and allows you to customize. 
Thank You!!
I will now share my secret giveaway source...

Not THAT secret, but it's where I go to sign up for giveaways.
One stop entering!

Someday Crafts is even hosting a giveaway today...
$25 Gift Certificate at Oh My Crafts

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