Friday, July 1, 2011

Summer Sewing School

My youngest, Addie, has always considered everything in my craft/sewing room to be both hers and mine with the exception of my Bernina QE sewing machine that I bought special just for me. 

I bought Addie a little Singer, so she could sew alongside mom.  She loved it, but noticed that mine had more gizmos and gadgets and felt it was best that we share the Bernina too.  

Kid's got good taste.

Addie gave her Singer to her friend Alia who loves to craft.  Alia's worked with her grandmother on a machine a bit, but needed some tutoring before taking her little baby home.

Alia's mom found the idea on Family Fun.
The original pattern is for NO-SEW skirts, but we sewed in some elastic and made sewn hems on ours for practice.
Super easy to sew and the girls had a blast making them. 

Aren't they cute?!  The skirts...the girls look like dweebs in this pic!

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