Saturday, July 2, 2011


(you can double click on the pic to see close-up if you'd like)

Spread in my art journal, AGAIN :)

I used my Rotring Artist Colors to create the background.  I did the background before having any clue what I was going to do on top (not unusual for me), so I went over the original pink with some gold paint and orange chalk to prevent the cutouts from fading in. 

The cutouts are from a GROOVY Good Housekeeping sewing workbook that I picked up at Goodwill.  The only males that appeared in the book were the ones having garments sewn for them.  Other than the sexism the book seems innocent enough until you start cutting it apart and you notice the focus on "figure features" and how to hide problem areas.

  Good God, women can't even create without the pressure of looking their best! 

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  1. Ha! What a great post - and you know I love your page. Thank you for linking here and sharing your cool page with us, xo

  2. Love the page, wish I could say that no one reads this sort of article anymore....but lots don't!

  3. You are perfect right...I like that art journal page and will come back to see your yellow one


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