Monday, April 4, 2011

Meet Bo

My 65 lb. bundle of love
Phone pic...Addie's got my camera at school to photograph her moldy cheese science experiment

I never really like that orange flip-flop, anyway.

Bo is part German Shepard, part hound, and whatever else.
He was rescued from a "home" that included many types of dogs who had never been fixed (fed or loved).
He's from the city, but he really seems to be liking living out in the middle of nowhere-ville
He LOVES people!  More than anything he just wants to be around a family and be loved (a flip-flop to chew now and then is an added bonus).

He is full of licks and hugs and tons of energy.  He seems to have no clue that he's a HUGE puppy--he really doesn't understand why he can't sleep right on my pillow.

We're so happy with him!  He's a good boy, but still puppy enough that he gets in his share of trouble.  He just needed a family to love and our family just needed a big, stupid puppy to love. 

We're still working on his job as craft room helper...he's eaten 3 stamp pads already.  I'm hopeful, though!


  1. Hi Tabitha,
    he looks real cute and he must be lucky to have found you.Thanks for posting on your sidebar!
    Good luck!
    Have a great day.
    XO Marie

  2. So glad you adopted a rescue! I'm sorry to hear about your Belle. Enjoy this guy and try to be patient! lol


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