Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The hardest thing EVER

Is it not just mind warping how many different free backgrounds are available?!

I feel like a kid...I have to try out every single background with every free header.  Three column or two column?  Classic Layout or the stupid new layout designer (don't like it)? Pages?  How should I arrange my gadgets? Very hard for me to make decisions like this.

She's a finnish artist.  A little funky, little romantic, little vintage...and she some awesomely dark, but not gorey Halloween backgrounds
Garden of Death!!!

or a milder, Happy Halloween

Adding free backgrounds is VERY easy~Copy the designer's background code, go back to your blog and click "add a gadget" while in "Design", pick "html" from your list of gadget options and paste the code right there. 

After lots of dinkin' around I've decided to go with something simpler than Ikupilli, though.  I really want to use a drawing that my daughter Alyssa made for me this last Christmas as my header and if the background is too busy it won't work, so....

The Background Fairy
Background Fairy is also Karen of Graphics Fairy!

Still easy to do!  You can even just add the backgrounds as the while in Template Designer (she has easy to follow instructions).

And I can use my special drawing...

I asked for a bear and some chickens in a parade.  Perfect!

OH!  Don't forget to change your signature line from My Live Signature...it needs to be transparent if the background is a not white.    So much  to do!

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