Thursday, March 10, 2011

Thursday is workshop day, I guess...

Two cool workshops for you, your kids, or best and your kiddo.

Mollie and her little talking olive are starting with the bare bones--Materials.  I've already worked in embroidery for years and yet I didn't know what flower thread I do.

And then after you get going on your little embroidered creation you can head over to  Wendi Gratz and see a video on adding color to your design with color crayonsBeware:  her little design is so adorably cute you'll want it.

Twinkle Toes The Blog
On to sewing.
 Sew Basics Series-- We start our pillows today at A Little Knick Knack and/or Twinkle Toes. Great tutorial by Twinkle Toes and pillows are like thneads...everyone, everyone needs a thnead (or pillowcase).

BTW...I'm continuing to follow directions and still diligently working on my art journaling journal.  I've gone a bit off track, but I'm still following the BASIC directions.  The off track thing is just me, I think.

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