Friday, March 11, 2011

The Easter Bunny Pulled Some Strings...

A first and pretty much unsolicited.

(I did receive free samples of the product, but it was because I wrote a consumer complaint email last year).

Photo via Russell Stover

They're not just back on the shelves because it's time for Easter sales.  They're back and they are DELICIOUS once again.

I am a Birds Nest expert.  The coconut kind anyway.  I've coveted them since I was 5.  You're never too early to get addicted to a holiday treat.

Last year the coconut bird nests were awful.  They were teeny, preformed, coconut essence, jellybeanless blobs and I was so mad that I complained to Russell Stover by email.  They gave me a response about how products change, blah, blah,blah.... They didn't seem to care about little me and my coconut bird nest fetish.

Here's where I think the Easter Bunny saw fit to visit Russell and discuss my concerns.  Two weeks ago I received a package in the mail with a nice letter explaining how important tradition is in the Russell Stover corporation and how they made a mistake in changing the coconut bird nests.  They also included a chocolate nest and a white bonbon nest for me to try.   

YUM!!!!  They're huge!  And that first chocolately, crisp coconut bite followed by a tart jellybean was WONDERFUL!

If you order them from the website by March 13th they're only 84 cents each.  In fact, all the Easter goodies are 15% off until them. 

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