Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Crazy enough it could work!

Sooooo....I'm taking Nostalgic Musings art journaling online class.  Love it. Loved my first assignment!
If only I'd done it in the right order...
Sunny Days will now be a stand alone page.

I didn't read directions.  Who wouldn't?!  I was told to get out watercolors, cool paper, stickers, glitter, magazines, and download clip art...like I'm going to spend my time reading directions...pffft.  I created and I had a blast!  Now I will follow directions.

Make Album/Journal first, then write in it AHA!  That explains why there were only a few writing prompts, but the journal example had LOTS of pages.

Now I'm needing a journal or book to remake....Time to hit the stash!

Photo albums from the Dollar Store.  Ugly and hideous, but ready to be reborn for only $1 (or less)!

  1. The 25 cent notebooks I simply had to have (bought 10).  Not a mistake. Actually this tutorial at Between the Lines looks like a good remake idea.
  2. SHINY BRITE.  I don't know why I bought you, but you have thick paper that is already punched.
  3. Funky rice paper thingy.  Hmmm.  Like your design and your paper will useful for collage.
  4. Old School binder album.  Your full of chipboard!
  5. I already made a journal.  How thoughtful of me.
  6. Address book...you are the most hideous, but I like your size (perfect for Addie) and ring binder inside
The winner is....SHINY BRITE!!!!
The great thing about cheaply made items is that they come apart soooo easily!

The shiny exterior ripped right off and left me with a clean chipboard surface ready to be remade.
I've started with a peek-a-boo square opening in the front cover and I'm going to WATERCOLOR all the inside pages today.  YIPPEEE!!!

Belle doesn't get nearly as excited about all this as I do.

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