Thursday, March 3, 2011

March U-Create...Nice and Springy!

We've still got snow (who doesn't!).
(I'm having to resort to clip-art sun again, ho hum)

Joel had to stay home from work two days this week because Snoqualamie Pass was closed at one point.  Crazy, crazy.
I'm going to defy Mother Nature and go ahead and craft up some spring with Ucreate's March "Create With Me" crafty create-along

Isn't it just wonderful?!  Light and airy and completely opposite of snow!

I have the base (got it for free at a yard sale...SCORE!!).  Now I just need to locate some springy blossoms, put it together and post my pics.  Fun, fun.

Thank you for the craft-along UCreate and thanks for the lovely tutorial StoneGable!

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