Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Kids Creating

Look what I found...
Chances are fairly high that Daddy will be secreting one of these dudes to work today.

Addie is attached at the hip when it comes to sewing and crafting.
She is my Crafty Mini-Me.
Little pillow made by Addie with Mom's machine

Every mom's dream, right?  Well, until she has her eye on that same little piece of Irish lace that you do...
I used to have my own craft room.
Then it became my room with a craft cupboard for Addie's supplies.
The cupboard got bigger.
Then the cupboard was no longer needed because the distinction between mom's stuff and Addie's became very small (now she settles for having to ask before using really sharp or really hot stuff).
Then she got half the counter space.
Now we just share (Even the Bernina that we both love more than we love each other).
I also found this wonderful sewing blog while I was skipping through CraftGossip

She's determined to teach kids to sew  & embroider and has some wonderful videos, patterns, tutorials, and projects that are perfect for kids, tweens, teens and adults.

I'm excited for Addie to see it!  I think she'll really like the monster projects.

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  1. How funny! yes, they do tend to want the same good materials we use, don't they? My little grand baby hates to settle for the left over supplies! She'd be eying the Irish lace too.


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