Thursday, February 24, 2011

Never Alone...that's okay.

Addie's home sick again. 

I was really looking forward to starting my art journaling today, though.

Well, apparently I can do it with a partner...
I'm glad we did!
It was quiet time, but we both had fun and shared ideas.
Can't really complain about that!
This is Addie's first art journaling layout for my our Nostalgic Musing Journaling class

It's titled "Sugar Pie and Berries".

We watercolored, we looked through magazines, got out the cool pens, the glitter, the embellishments, LOTS of glue and I even shared some of my little glassine envelopes.
And me.

Mine is "Dreaming of  A Sunny Day". 

Our assignment included watercoloring and using a picture from a magazine. The assignment also included graphics, some of which I used, others I didn't.  I replaced Millie (the old fashioned black and white lady in Addie's) with a more springy lady from Graphics Fairy.

Oh, these are soooo much fun!  I started out with just a few words on the page and then I started thinking about sunny days and all the wonderful things about them and I exploded on the page.

It was so fun gluing and cutting and glittering, OH MY!
~and the writing was it~
Where's my partner when it's clean-up? 
A nap is not a good excuse even if you ARE sick :)

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  1. Lovely! What a fun project to do with your daughter. I'm sorry she was sick, but I know she'll remember this moment for a long while. I loved looking at your pages! So many things to see and discover. Great job.

  2. sounds like you had a nice day together!



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