Friday, January 7, 2011

Create With Me (well, not really me) and Mileage

U-Create just posted the first Create With Me project for this year!

Rosette Picture Frames
Photo by U-Create

Create With Me is sort of a monthly inspiration/challenge/tutorial.  U-Create links to a tutorial, you create it and do with it whatever your imagination desires, email a picture of your finished project and it'll be featured in that month's gallery.

I find doing little projects/challenges like this help me to learn new techniques and get my the wheels turning in my creative mind.  I've actually never made a rosette (hard to believe, huh?!) so I'm excited to give this a try.  Entries are due January 30th. 

Now onto mileage...the reason why you're reading this post, right?

USA Track & Field's America's Running Routes is an AWESOME tool for joggers, runners, walkers...anyone moving from one point to another.

You can look up already charted routes by clicking on "find a route" or you can create your own by clicking, "create a route". 

Start from your driveway, zig zag through parks, twirl around in circles for a bit, whatever.  The chart keeps track of your mileage.  Very cool. 

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