Thursday, December 2, 2010

Flop, Flop, Fizz, Fizz

Nothing but craft disasters this week...

Monday started with the brilliantly green idea to upcycle Via Coffee envelopes for Xmas gift cards. 
  • The shining surface does not take kindly to Mod Podge or any other glue
  • By thee time you get the cardstock all folded to fit the Via envelope, it's it's own envelope! 
  • The cardstock peeled right off after Mod  Podging.  Ugh.
Tuesday was all about turning a $150 Diaso steamer basket into a cute sewing basket. 
  • Once you take the pieces apart they're impossible to put together unless you label (I didn't label)
  • Once you embellish with fabric and batting NOTHING fits
  • You have more pieces than you started with?  Maybe it just felt that way.
And then there's Advent.  Fun, fun advent.  The girls love it, mom loves it, brings the family closer together...

What a cute little 1 1/2 inch box to put the clue in.  Of course the bottom is falling off!  I glued it, I taped it, I sticky dotted it, I tried to hot glue, but I was out of hot glue. 

On to the fun fun project~design your own water bottle with Mom's enamel paints and vinyl stencils...
Of course the Cricut crapped out on me.  New blade, still didn't want to cut the vinyl without totally mangling it and making unusable.

They had fun painting (notice all the spent, mangled vinyl on the counter).  Too bad all the paint peeled off when I removed the vinyl stencil to bake the enamel.
Good times, good times.

Wish me luck tonight.  I think this year I will need to adjust some of my Advent craft plans...Ice cream?

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  1. I hate when craft projects are fails! I have had more than a few of them lately too! Good luck with your next attempt:)


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