Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Being a Mom

I just, and I mean JUST, found an awesome new mom site....Ultimate Outcasts.  My husband emailed me this...

Joel's email: I came across this blog on one of my end of the world type blogs (she commented on an economic issue stating that people need to pay more attention to moms, or something like that). Anyway, here’s the link and her reason for being:


Welcome to Ultimate!

My blog is all about the greatness of the maternal exprience…And the areas of society that all too often operate to deminish it.

If you are a Mom, I’m reaching out to you. Moms literally have the most skin in the game of life, bar none. So why do we live as outcasts, under the control of everyone else’s rules and invisible when our contribution would matter most?

By examining our world today, I want to gather together our best ideas to educate each other, create opportunities and elevate our power to levels along side the “greats”: Gods, Popes, Presidents – you know, the folks that dictate our lives, our hopes, our fears, our pocketbooks.

I’m talking about a collective shift in the way Moms think and the way the world works.

Since I’m endlessly curious about the world, I spend alot of time examining the circumstances of our time and contemplating ways Mothers could make it all function more sensibly. I have been disappointed to find that informed Mother contributions are at best undervalued and most often ignored.

So, It’s time to set a new example by revering Mothers. The same way we revere religion, politicians, money, Snooki.

Just like that.

My ideas are endless. Please remember as the gathering place where Moms reinforce their personal greatness and develop ideas to contribute to the betterment of the world.

Thanks for reading and enjoy!



I'm now in love.  I might leave my husband for this site.  You simply MUST check it out.

A couple of weeks ago I was arguing (friendly banter) with a dad.  He was losing, so he pulled out the stay-at-home-mom card.  Mmmhmmm.  Butthead:  "You always know when you're not talking with a working woman..."

My little pea-brain: ...Because her kids are well adjusted, happy and generally good people?

I respect moms (and dads, or grandmas, or whoever else is doing the raising) working if they need or choose to.  Please respect my choices too.  Especially when one of my "products" is your child's coach and you really think she's doing a great job as said coach.  Hmmmmmm...

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  1. Hi Tabitha!

    You totally made my day! I responded to your comment and lo and behold what a treat to see this post. Something is stirring out there. These last couple of days my site is exploding so hopefully my ideas will connect with more people.

    I am on a mission, as is every ultimateoutcast! Oh, by the way your "here" link has my sitename mispelled so it's not working.

    Thanks so much for spreading the word (and for your husband's referral). There's tons more ideas rolling in my head!

    Best to you!


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