Monday, November 1, 2010

Snapshots of Life~my reality in a nutshell!

5 pm Thursday night I was home alone preparing patches for my Halloween costume (BP oil spill clean-up worker). I went in to get my camera and take a picture for Snapshots of Life and it turns out my life didn not include a camera at that moment.

Kaely. Again. Hmmmm...Christmas present idea?

I'm almost done with my tree! I just have to add a bunch of ornaments and I can go back to being a normal crafter/mom, or as normal as I get anyway.

Joel is "Hi" from Raising Arizona, Kaely a clown, Mom's in the middle, Alyssa is a cat, and Addie is the little bat on her lap. Sebastian and Belle are just being themselves.

That's our family portrait this year. Yep, you're jealous, I know.

The picture was taken after Addie & Alyssa's Halloween party where we ate LOTS of junk, so maybe that explains it. Or not?

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