Friday, November 5, 2010

Absentee Blogger Returning Soon

So sorry I've been negligent in my blogging this past week. 
As much I LOVE to blog, I figured I'd rather be an absentee blogger than an absentee mom so I've been busy with the mom stuff.

Orchestra concerts, swim meets, football games, chemistry help, and today I'm nursing my chipmunk cheeked Kaely...she just had her wisdom teeth out.  She's finding pain meds to be a good thing.  Milkshakes aren't too bad either!

Here's something AWESOME to look at until I'm back at full speed next week
Amy Powers of Inpire Co. and friends' Inspired Ideas online magazine.  It is PACKED with really cool Xmas ideas!  Instructions, patterns, the works and it's FREE.  Is that cool or what!?  Be sure to check it out and it's got a ton of pages, so don't decide that your done because the little thumbnails are gone (press the arrow).  This will all make sense when you  see it!  And you'll LOVE LOVE LOVE it and will now be totally, but excitedly, overwhelmed with Xmas ideas!

Then check out the Fall Issue of Inspired Ideas and see all the stuff you MISSED (me too), but will add to next year's already full list of things you MUST make for fall!

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