Thursday, October 28, 2010

Just linking and suggesting again...

I've mocked up my tree, taken all the tags off the ornaments and flowers, glued tops on the ornaments, attached wire to all the ornaments.  I just need to wire everything to the tree...ugh...I'm almost there.

I will be posting a pic tonight for Grand Opening of  this! (Found my camera in Kaely's room...those 16 year olds!)

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Every Wednesday Eighteen 25 will tell us a time on Thursday when we'll all take photos of whatever is going on in our lives.  No fancying up the picture either!  It's not MY picture/linky party, but I would love to see some messy kitchens, half-eaten dinners, homework all over the get the idea! 

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  1. I'm a fan of 1825 too!! Not sure I'll be doing the photo thing- but maybe!! I loved that you found me over at May Arts!!! You've got some fun & fab ideas here!!! :D


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